About Us

Nimaj is a management consulting firm with flagship offerings being research, data analytics and project management. Our experience has equipped us rightly to share our knowledge through private and corporate trainings. We are equipped to deliver trainings both virtually and in-person.
We help organizations unlock the voice of their data for strategic and sustainable data-driven decisions. It’s been our privilege to deliver services to organizations at home and abroad. We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions to clients, process documentation, and unrivaled excellence.

We design data analytic solutions that allow all stakeholders gain a comprehensive picture of subject matters, that are of interest to them. There are simplified to allow anyone to approach the decision-making process with excellence, using analyzed data instead of heuristics.

We have gained combined experience of about three decades, managing projects and designing data-driven solutions. These experience and understanding are what we have curated and share with professionals through personalized and corporate trainings.

These trainings are along globally accepted standards which would allow professionals compete at the highest level and improve their value offering to their organizations.